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To support ‘Learning at Work’ week, Prosperity 24.7 is running ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions for a week in May, where our team of experts will explore a number of business-critical topics which are elaborated below.

Date and Place: 16th - 20th May 12:30 – 2:00pm each day

Where: Prosperity 24.7, 3rd floor boardroom, 17 Broad Street, St Helier (next to the Post Office)

FREE OF CHARGE, limited to 20 people

For more information: Call 01534 877247 or email us on

Why take part?

For you personally, the reasons for taking part will depend on your particular context and goals, it may be that you are a Company Director and feel that you understand every area of your business apart from the realm of IT? It may be that you simply want to improve your skills, it may be that you want to ‘suss us out’. We will leave your motivations to your discretion – all we can say is that we are happy to share our knowledge and experience for free.

Companies and individuals that have taken part previously report a wide range of opportunities and benefits:

  • Changing attitudes to learning and work.
  • More positive and improved perceptions of learning and development both at business and individual level.
  • Increased motivation and productivity.
  • Greater awareness of opportunities to learn.

All we would say is can you afford to not attend?

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Lean Six Sigma – Empowering People To Make Change Happen
In the session attendees will:
  • Be introduced to Lean Six Sigma and bust some urban myths.
  • Provide an insight to Lean Six Sigma as an additional tool in empower staff to make change happen.
  • Demonstrate some simple tools which attendees can use the minute they return to their business.
  • Understand how applying Lean Six Sigma can help businesses manage project risks more proactively.
At the end of this interactive session attendees will be able to explain how Lean Six Sigma can help them realise change initiatives and improve the way they deliver projects within their organisation.  
Hosted by Kenan Osborne / Magellan Consultancy
Microsoft Social Engagement
In a socially connected world, engagement with customers can happen anywhere, anytime, and positive social customer experience is key to growing your business. Join Simon and Geraldine on this session as they discuss Microsoft Social Engagement CRM solution which puts powerful social tools in your hands, helping you to gain insight into how people feel about your business and to proactively connect on social media with customers.  
Hosted by Geraldine Evans & Simon Jackson
A Good Decision is Based on Knowledge and not on Numbers: Understanding Knowledge Management
We live in a knowledge era where knowledge and ideas should be the main source of economic growth and development. However this new way of working that aims to leverage employee knowledge challenges the big data paradigm that collects and stores as much data as possible to drive decision making and innovation in organisations. This presentation argues that knowledge management is not only still relevant, but essential, for organisations to help employees share knowledge, collaborate and foster innovation. It will cover the theory of knowledge management, its importance to organisations, the latest research taking place as well as hints and tips to help you adopt good knowledge management practices and start taking advantage of your employees’ knowledge.  
Hosted by Dr Paul Parboteeah
Change: Controlling the Uncontrollable
Most change professionals would agree that change is inevitable within any project, in terms of time, cost and quality, and throughout its lifecycle.  The question as to whether this is controllable or uncontrollable depends largely on the tools and techniques that are employed within your organisation.  This session will discuss the approach and methods which can be used to help manage change whilst ensuring the project is still deemed to be successful.  
Hosted by Peter Stoten & Nick Jones
Hyper-Converged – Your Route to the Cloud
Cloud is enabling new approaches, and hyper-convergence brings cloud-type consumption-based infrastructure economics and flexibility to IT without compromising on performance, reliability, and availability.  Learn what hyper-convergence is, and how it can help your company save money and deliver better business benefits  
Hosted by Jake Foster
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